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The Inaugural


Conference of



International Best Practices in Municipal Public Policy and Governance


Instructions for general registration with or without  presenting a proposal for panel or poster session:


1. The Inaugural Americas Conference of Mayors (ACM) has been meticulously designed to suit two main programs: 1) The Mayor's Summit 2017; and 2) The Americas Conference of Mayors Track for Scholars and Professionals. All attendees may attend both main programs, but the Mayor's Summit 2017 has two exclusive meetings for Mayors: The sessions of Mayor's Committees and Task Forces Sessions.


2. To register for the Inaugural Americas Conference of Mayors "Track for Scholars and Professionals" every participant must complete the "Registration Form" (below).


3. After your "Registration Form" is accepted, an email will be sent to your email address with your login credentials to pay your fees for the Inaugural Americas Conference of Mayors "Track for Scholars and Professionals."  If you will present a panel proposal or poster proposal you may pay later when your proposal has been accepted. Anyway, you can pay anytime here.


4. Once that you did your payment fee, please Subscribe to Get News on all upcoming Inaugural Americas Conference of Mayors "Track for Scholars and Professionals" events below. So, you never will miss an update. If you have any questions or comments remember that you can ask always by email to the Executive Coordinator Laura Bassein to





Instructions to Submit Panels and Posters


1. The participation for research proposals are open in the form of panels and poster session. Four panelist form a panel (in extraordinary situations might be accepted panels of three authors). Poster presenters will present individually or in groups if theres is more than one author of the poster. Hence, from 1 to 3 authors may present one poster proposal


2. Each panelist will have 20 minutes to present her/his research. No more than three authors are allowed to be part of one research paper, but  all of them are expected to attend the Americas Conference of Mayors "Track for Scholars and Professionals." One of the authors, when there is a paper with 2 or 3 co-authors, will be presenting the research paper. The panel will have 3 or 4 presenters in total. The poster session will have a duration of 90 minutes. 


3. Once that the coordinator of the panel submitted the panel proposal with the abstract of the 4 panelists, and the abstract has been accepted, if the panelists would like to publish their documents at the "Conference Proceedings Book," the coordinator must submit the finals papers no later than July 31. 


4. The finals papers or posters need to be written in English or Spanish (also the oral presentation could be done in Spanish or English). The papers need to fulfill the following requirements: each research paper needs to have an extension between 14 to 20 pages, and the papers need to include: cover, content, abstract (80 words), introduction, chapters, conclusions, and references (if you need to include tables, diagrams, or other graphics, you have to include them after the references in no more of three additional pages). Please follow the APA guidelines to submit your final paper. All presenters with a poster must submit the abstract proposal describing the content of the research. You must print your poster respecting the following measures 48 in (121.9 cm) x 36 in (91.4 cm). Please click here to see an example of a poster


5. To submit your panel proposal or poster proposal, the coordinator of a panel or poster must fulfill the following form named "Form to Submit Panels and Poster Proposals." Once that you are done with your proposal, please be aware that you have several ways to submit your completed "Form to Submit Panels and Poster Proposals"


  1. Send your proposal to

  2. Also, you can send it to AHCC | PANELS PROPOSALS. SCHOLARS AND PROFESSIONALS TRACK. Address: 1309 4th Street SW • Albuquerque, NM. 87102. Phone +1 505-884-1533 • Fax 505 884-1533.

  3. The easiest way is to attach or upload your "Form to Submit Panels Proposals," in the white rectangle below named "Attach Your Form to Submit Panels Proposals.


Please do not forget to name your PDF file with the name of the panelist coordinator, or the name of the poster presenter.

Form to Submit Panel and/or Poster Proposals

Form to Submit Panels and

Poster Proposals

Click this PDF FILE ICON  to

download the 

Form to Submit Panels and Poster Proposals

Attach or Upload Your Form to Submit Panels and/or Poster Proposals in the White Rectangle 

Registration Form. Track for Scholars and Professionals

Important Dates and Information for  Scholars Track Proposals


Call for Academic Panels Proposals Release                       June 1

Abstract Proposal Submission Deadline                              July   24

Notification of Submission Acceptance Deadline              July    31

(or no more than 7 days after your application)                          


Final Paper Submission Due                                                  August 11

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