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November 14-16, 2018


Conference of 



The Inaugural 



City of Albuquerque, New Mexico. USA


Payment Registration  & Deadlines

(Prices are in US dollars)



Registration Mayor's and City Councilors (including all the participants) 




Standard Registration                            $150.00                      September   28



Late Registration Deadline                    $200.00                      October 1- 31 



Last chance registration (in situ too)     $300.00                      November 1-17





Mayor's Submit Nomination "Best Practices Awards"



"Awards for Mayors 2018"                                                         No cost


Starting date and Deadline of Submissions:                            October 15- 31 





Payment  to participate at Summit 2017


You have the option to pay here.  Please select your Payment Enrollment:


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Additional  Payment Options*:


1. Credit Card, Debit Card, or Paypal (above).

2. International transfer or wire your Conference Registration Fees. This is the information:


  • Checking Account Name: International Institute for Higher Education, NonProfit Organization

  • Name of the Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, New Mexico, USA

  • Address of the Bank: 3022 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106

  • Phone of the Bank: +1 505 544-2036

  • Checkin Account Number:  3956 419851 

  • Swift Code #: WFBIUS6S (International)


* Please be aware that The Americas Conference  Institute must receive the exact amount of the Conference Registration Fees.


** As a NonProfit Organization we are exempted from paying taxes. 


Please send a copy of your wire transfer to  

Please write on the subject of your email the words "Wire and your last name," like these example: Wire-Martinez


What Does the Conference Registration  Include* ?


  1. Mayor's and City Councilors Summit Task Force Sessions

  2. Mayor's and City Councilors Summit Committees Sessions

  3. Mayors might be Nominated for one of the ten categories for the "Best Practices Awards for Mayors"

  4. Inaugural and Closing Ceremonies

  5. Key Note Speakers Addresses

  6. Breakfast on November 15th: Honoring Women in Local Government 

  7. Luncheon: Ceremony Awards for Mayors on November 15th 

  8. Breakfast on November 16th

  9. Coffee Networking Sessions

  10. Plenary Sessions

  11. Materials, Id's, Program of the Conference

  12. Commemorative Pin "The Inaugural Americas Conference of Mayors"  


* You must reserve at the Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel to receive all the 12  benefits included.


Pre-Conference Workshops:
The workshops will have a duration of three hours on November 15th, from 2-5 pm. The workshop will focus on analyzing the roles and responsibilities of local government leaders: Mayors  & Council Members in the USA.  The second workshop will focus on the same topics but in Mexico and South America. If you would like to register for that very useful workshops please send an email to:

Registration at the Conference:

When the participants arrive at the official location of the Conference they need to check in to get all the accreditations to get clearance to participate in all the activities referred at the Americas Conference 2018.